Taken at the National Harbor in the Gaylord Hotel.

I love this hotel so much!




Taking Photos of Architecture is absolutely my favorite thing to do. It’s a great passion of mine and I hope to one day make a job out of it.

I’m a self taught digital photographer so I understand that I have so much to learn before I could possibly turn my hobby into a career. It’s just a lot of fun!

Hope you enjoy!

The Gaylord Gazebo – National Harbor


Hi Everyone!

Here is a photo of the Gazebo that is inside the Gaylord at the National Harbor. It’s an amazing spot to take wedding, engagement, and special event photos. You have the beautiful background that just pops the Gazebo out and allows you to not have a lot of traffic in the picture.

Hope you enjoy. Have a great day!



Hi Everyone!

I will be attending a convention at the National Harbor, in February, and wanted to post a photo that I took there last year.

What you are looking at is the inside of the Gaylord! The Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center is a large hotel and convention center located in National Harbor, Maryland. It is the largest non-gaming hotel and convention center on the East Coast of the United States. It cost $870 million to build!

Pretty cool, huh? If you ever get a chance to go to the National Harbor, check the Gaylord out. I go there all the time to take photos. It’s absolutely beautiful in the spring and summer. In the winter, they have special ice shows that are sponsored by major movie studios. Last year, Dreamworks sponsored the show.

Hope you enjoy!