City Square


The lights go out in the city square as the sun tucks itself to sleep.


Immanuel Church Pumpkin Patch

Hi Everyone!

I went to a Pumpkin Patch today after work! It was really nice and was able to take some great photos!

The Pumpkin Patch is on the grounds of the Immanuel Church-on-the-Hill which is on Seminary Road at Quaker Lane, Alexandria, VA. This church is an Episcopal church committed to sharing Christ’s love through worship, welcoming, and outreach.

The pumpkins come from New Mexico by the trailer truckload. Parishioners, young and old, unload the trucks I a “bucket brigade.” The pumpkins are grown by the Navajo Indians who price the pumpkins by size for the church volunteers to sell.

Also for sale are parishioner provided breads, harvest soups, cupcakes, apple crisps, cider and other foods. Volunteers spend the thousands of hours every year to make the Patch a success.

Immanuel sell pumpkins every October, and this is their major fund-raiser for local Outreach Ministries, such as Network Preschool, Carpenter’s Shelter, ALIVE, Hopkins House, etc.

100% of Immanuel’s profits go to these local community causes. Your purchase also helps the Navajo Indians.
If you are in the area, you definitely have to check it out!

If you are in the area, you should check this place out. It’s very family friendly as well. They have little red wagons that you can put your kids in and drag them around the patch.

Here is a link to the photo album:

Clarendon Church


Hi Everyone!

I went to Clarendon, VA today doing some Apartment hunting a snapped this shot on the way out of the parking garage.

I loved how you could see the reflection of the church in the side of the building.

Clarendon is a beautiful area. The apartments are seriously over priced but I would love to live there.


Train Tracks

Hi Everyone!

This photo was taken in Virginia while I was carpooling to work. We stopped on the bridge where I saw the Train Tracks to the right and snapped a shot. I wanted to give it a 1980s look so I used the Instagram app and manipulated it with some filters.

Hope you enjoy!

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Hi Everyone!

This is my favorite photo that I have taken with my iPhone. I love the colors and the way that the light glows against the bridge. It almost looks like a sun burst.

I plan on submitting this photo to an iPhone photography contest one of these days. I got a lot of great feedback on this photo on Flickr.

Hope you enjoy!

Have a great day!