Maryland Renaissance Festival 2012

Hi Everyone!

I went to the Maryland Renaissance Festival with my sister and Parents this past weekend and was able to take a lot of photos. I will be going again on the 20th where I will be debuting a Renaissance dress that I got as a gift!

I am posting a few pics that I really love here and you can see more on my Facebook Photography Page:


170 Subscribers

It never ceases to amaze me on how much love this blog has gotten since I started. Today, I hit 170 Subscribers! I just wanted to say thank you so much for everything. I have no true words to express the gratitude I feel towards you all! It’s because of you that I keep this blog going and will continue to post because I love sharing my world with you!

Thanks again!

With Love,

400 Posts of Pure Love

This is my 400th Post of my Blog!

I don’t want just any random thing posted for this milestone other than a big Thank You.

When I first started this blog in 2009, I never would have imagined that I would be going strong 3 years later. Without all your love and support, I would not have continued with this Blog.

My dreams and hopes is that my Photography touches the hearts of everyone who sees it and that I can can bring a little joy into everyone’s lives. I hope I have succeeded.

You all have a wonderful day and I look forward to more great milestones with you all!

Thank you again!

Bahamas Cruise Day 5 – Dolphins


So, this was my favorite part of the Cruise! I got to swim with dolphins. I was so happy I almost cried! It has been a lifelong dream and to finally have it happen, was a dream.

These photos are all my favorite ones that I took! I have to scan my personal photos of myself because I bought a few at the Dolphin Excursion. None of these have me in it. When I get it scanned, I’ll post right away for you all!

Hope you enjoy!

Bahamas Cruise Day 5 – Atlantis

Hi Everyone!

While we were at Nassau, we decided to check out the hotel/resort, Atlantis. Let me tell you, you could probably just have a one week vacation there. It was amazing! I fell in love with the place. I plan to one day go back there to just chill!

The Atlantis Paradise Island is a resort and waterpark located on Paradise Island, The Bahamas. Officially opened in 1998, the resort was created by South African hotel magnate Sol Kerzner and Kerzner International Limited. Paradise Island first opened its Coral and Beach Towers as the Trump Plaza, then changed its name to Atlantis when the Royal Towers were built. The Coral and Beach Towers were later refurbished to match the theme of the Royal Towers. On 28 March 2007 a 600-suite luxury hotel named The Cove Atlantis opened on Paradise Island. Another tower, the 497-room Reef Atlantis, opened 19 December 2007.

These photos are just random shots of everything that I thought was super cool at Atlantis!

Bahamas Cruise Day 5 – Nassau

Hi Everyone!

Here are some photos from Day 5 of my Cruise. I have a lot of photos so I’ve divided them into Places and Events. I’ll have a different post for each one so not to overwhelm with pics in one post!

These pictures consist of the Straw Market, a traveling band, and some great architectural structures.

Hope you enjoy!

Bahamas Cruise Day 4 – FL – Part 2

Here are a few other photos that I took from FL. Enjoy!

Cruise Day 3

Here are some more pictures of the cruise! =D


95 + 5 = 100


I just noticed that I earned some more wonderful followers for my blog since I have been gone on my Cruise! I now have 95 subscribers! 5 more and I will reach my first goal!!!

I wanted to say thank you so much! You make blogging so much fun!


One of my friends created a story about this photo that I took awhile ago. I thought it was really interesting and thought I would share!

Here it is:

“Five electric wires and a croon oozed out from a continual mist. The mist was mundane till they met a distant glow from an east and the snap started painting a poem in your mind and graceful eyes. Then eyes find Distant that cuddles a sunup story. Trees wear an entice The road gets up to find his smiling and a name of an endearing mist.”

Have a great day everyone!