Statue at Nassau


Hi Everyone!

This was a statue right outside the docks in Nassau. It had been there so long that the name plate was rusted to the point where I couldn’t read the words.

I loved the emotion in the faces and thought it was a great piece of cultural relevance.

If you know what this is, please let me know.


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Hi Everyone!

This photo was taken in San Diego at the docks. I loved all the art pieces that were placed at different sections of the docks. I apologizes, I do not know the name of the artist. This particular piece caught my eye because it can be deceiving. I decided to make the photo black and white because at a certain angle, it looks almost human.

Hope you enjoy everyone!

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Well, as you all know, I went to New York to see Alan Rickman. I was going through some more of my pics and have been inspired again! This image was taken in Manhattan. I’m not sure what this monument is (if you know, please post) but it was really pretty. I was in such a hurry that I was unable to go over and read the name plate. It’s difficult to see New York in a day and a half.