Hi Everyone!

Spring is in full bloom in my area and I am really looking forward to the Cherry Blossom festival next weekend. It’s the 100 year anniversary so I hope the parade is really nice.

If any of you plan on going to the festival this coming weekend, let me know and we’ll see if we can meet up!

Have a great day!




This photo was taken in New York when I visited last year. New York has architecturally significant buildings in a wide range of styles spanning distinct historical and cultural periods.

New York has two main concentrations of high-rise buildings: Midtown Manhattan and Lower Manhattan, each with its own uniquely recognizable skyline. Midtown Manhattan, the largest central business district in the world, is home to such notable buildings as the Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building, Citigroup Center and Rockefeller Center. Lower Manhattan comprises the third largest central business district in the United States (after Midtown and Chicago’s Loop). Lower Manhattan was characterized by the omnipresence of the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center from its completion in 1973 until its destruction in the September 11 attacks, 2001.

Source: New York

Photography In Washington, D.C.

The weather in DC is so amazing! The once in a lifetime blizzard, that crippled our area for weeks, seems so long ago. Now, we can sit back and finally enjoy 2010. I wish I lived in an area where I could go bike riding!

I’ve noticed that the tourists have finally decided to come visit us. So, I was thinking, “I wonder if there are any photographers here who have never been to DC.” Do not fear, Liz Gmaz is here! Lol Lame…I know. There are not a lot of times where I set myself up for that one.

This is the perfect weather for Photographers. The Cherry Blossoms are in full bloom! I’m not going to be able to see them this year because no one wants to go with me…I’m still working on some friends. However, if you get a chance, you should seriously go see them!

I created a list of places that I really enjoy going to and wanted to share with you! Hope it helps!

Here are some great places to take some pictures in DC:

1) The MALL – There are so many beautiful spots at the mall that you could spend a whole day there and want to come back for more. There is a very colorful carousel, tall and beautiful trees, and all the Smithsonian Museums.

2) Dupont Circle – This circle is the home of most of the major embassies, I believe. If you like to take pictures of international flags, buildings, and interesting people, that is a really nice place to go.

3) US Botanical Gardens – This place is right by the White House and a perfect place to take pictures of plants and sculptures. Personally, the sculptures are a little out of my taste but most people like them.

4) The National Harbor – This is a photographer’s dream…there are so many things to take pictures of that it is ridiculous. Definitely spend some time there.

These are just a few places; however, there is so much more. Be careful with the crowds though…they don’t like to wait for you to take a photo. They do tend to get in your shots and in your way. I’m a photojournalist so this doesn’t bother me at all. It might bother you though. Just a friendly warning…

Also, leave your camera on a tripod at your own risk. There are many cases where cameras are stolen when a photographer leaves their camera on their tripod so they can be in one of their own pictures

Hope this helped with your trip to DC! =)