Happy Halloween!

I know…I know. I’m a day late but with Hurricane Sandy messing everything up, I wasn’t able to really post anything last night. Also, I went out to a party so….My apoligies!

I thought I would post some pictures from my Halloween Disney trip that I made about two years ago! If you have never done the Disney Halloween Experience, I totally recommend it! It’s really cute and lots of fun!

I hope that you are all had a great day!


Stairs to Nowhere

Hi Everyone!

I went on a business last year and had to stay at a very old looking hotel in Southbridge, MA. I personally loved it and was able to take some really neat.

There were some random marble stairs in the back of the hotel and they were ropes off. I moved the ropes and went up the stairs to take this photo


Today, I decided to play around with the image and give it a more haunting appearance. I inverted and mirrored the photo and then put a light grey/blue filter on it. Now, I think, it looks like something from a scary movie or one of the Harry Potter films.


Hope you like it!

Happy Friday the 13th! (Demon Face)


Happy Friday the 13th Everyone!

Because of this special day, I looked through all my photos, trying to find something a little freaky, and found a photo I took in 2009.

I called this photo “Demon Face” because, after I took some sky photos and processed the batch, I noticed a face in the clouds. After I showed some of my family and friends, I got a consistent statement, “It looks evil.”

So, you enjoy the photo and let me know if you see a face and what you think it looks like!

Also, I did some history research on Friday the 13 and found out some interesting information. Did you know there is no written evidence for a Friday the 13th superstition before the 19th century? I thought that was interesting. I did find out that in Numerology, the number 13 was considered irregular. Also, Friday has been considered an unlucky day at least since the 14th century. Many people think this because they believe Jesus was crucified on a Friday.

Interesting stuff! You can find so much more information in the web! It’s all very interesting!

Have a great day!