Christmas Photography Contest 2012 Entries

Hey Everyone!

The Christmas Photography Contest is closed now! The panel is reviewing the photos and the winner should be announced before this Friday!

Here are the photos that were entered! Good luck to everyone!








Renaissance Festival Jousting

Here are the Renaissance Festival Jousting Photos that I took a few weeks ago. Took some time to process them! The above image was my favorite!

Please see Album Link below!

Album Link:

Bahamas Cruise Day 5 – Nassau

Hi Everyone!

Here are some photos from Day 5 of my Cruise. I have a lot of photos so I’ve divided them into Places and Events. I’ll have a different post for each one so not to overwhelm with pics in one post!

These pictures consist of the Straw Market, a traveling band, and some great architectural structures.

Hope you enjoy!

Bahamas Cruise Day 4 – FL – Part 2

Here are a few other photos that I took from FL. Enjoy!

New Facebook Page Up


I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I really enjoyed spending time with my family!

So….I was asked if I had a Facebook Page for my Photography the other day and of course my answer was “um…no.” I was told that it would be a great way to get some of my photography out there. So….as I waited for my Thanksgiving dinner I put together a page! =)

Check it out and let me know what you think! I was a little hesitant to make one because I already have a Twitter, Flickr, and Blog. This is just another social media outlet to get make my photography visible! =) Like I said, check it out, hit LIKE if you like, and let me know what you think!

Cheers! ^^