Perler Beads – Commissions Coming Soon (Ideas?)

Hi Everyone!

If you have read my blog posts from this week, you can see that I am getting back into Perler Beads.  I do anime, comic, cartoon, and video game characters.  I am going to begin posting photos of ones that I will be selling on my Future Etsy Page.  However, I am asking you what character/series would you like to be created?  

If you are interested in eventually buying from me, let me know what you would like to see! 





Perler Beads Phase





Hi Everyone!

So, I’m in a new artistic phase of life. I decided that I would start doing some artistic photos with Perler Beads. Perler Beads are those tiny round beads that you can melt together with an iron which in essence creates images.

I uploaded some of the pieces that I just finished in the last few days. I hope you like them.

When I get really good at these, I may start selling them on Etsy or sell them at anime conventions. We shall see!

Have a great day!