Face in the Sky


Hi Everyone!

I posted a blog post a few months back called “Winter Cathedral” which was a
photo that was cropped, duplicated, and then mirrored.

Mr. Max Reynolds
Blog was inspired by that photo and did his own interpretation. He did a fantastic job!

I really enjoy doing this process with trees but I tried it with clouds and let me tell you, the results were amazing.

This photo looks like an evil Mickey Mouse or a crazy clown.

I plan on doing more of these for everyone! Have a great day everyone!!!


Between the Bars


Hi Everyone!

I’m sorry if all these National Harbor photos are getting dull. I’m trying to spruce things up with some neat photography tricks so you all don’t get bored.

This photo was taken through some bars during a sunset. I’ll post the colored version tomorrow for you all to see.

Have a wonderful day!