Mermaid Lounge


This is the chandelier that was hanging in the Mermaid Lounge – the cafeteria – of the Carnival Pride.

I hope you like it!


Hanging Flag


This was taken inside the Carnival Pride cruise boat. The large American flag was hanging inside the cove where the main elevators were. I really loved the architecture around the flag and thought I’d snap a shot.

This was the original shot:


I hope you like!

Have a great day!

Bahamas Cruise Day 5 – Dolphins


So, this was my favorite part of the Cruise! I got to swim with dolphins. I was so happy I almost cried! It has been a lifelong dream and to finally have it happen, was a dream.

These photos are all my favorite ones that I took! I have to scan my personal photos of myself because I bought a few at the Dolphin Excursion. None of these have me in it. When I get it scanned, I’ll post right away for you all!

Hope you enjoy!

Bahamas Cruise Day 5 – Nassau

Hi Everyone!

Here are some photos from Day 5 of my Cruise. I have a lot of photos so I’ve divided them into Places and Events. I’ll have a different post for each one so not to overwhelm with pics in one post!

These pictures consist of the Straw Market, a traveling band, and some great architectural structures.

Hope you enjoy!

Bahamas Cruise Day 4 – FL


On the 4th day of the cruise we stopped in FL and were able to go to Universal Studios Island of Adventure. My friend and I spent the majority of our time in Harry Potter World. It’s one of my most favorite places on the earth! I took maybe 600 photos for this one day so I do have a lot more photos that I liked.

Hope you like them!

Have a great day!

Tortuga Rum Cake


So, on my cruise, we stopped at Nassau, Bahamas where they had a Tortuga Rum Cake Store. I have never had Rum Cake so I was curious.

I picked Coconut because I love that flavor.


After you open it, you see this note. It’s kind of cool because it gives you some extra information about the company.


The Rum Cake is covered in plastic and is the size of a large donut.


It’s as soft as a sponge cake and looks really cool.




First Bite!


Pretty damn good!


I like it a lot but it definitely has a strong Rum taste so it might not be good for most people.

Have a great day!

Cruise Day 3

Here are some more pictures of the cruise! =D


Cruise Day 2


I put together a group of my favorite photos that I took the second day on the Cruise. We were still on the boat so I just have some random photos!


Cruise Day 1


The below images were my favorite that I took my first day of the cruise. I just did a tour of the boat and that’s about it. The first day on the Carnival Pride, the cruise ship, was to get you situated to the boat so I don’t have that many great photos.

Hope you like!