Awesome Con DC – Actors

I went to Awesome Con DC this past weekend and had a blast!


I met some amazing actors there!

Ernie Hudson was a gentleman and I really enjoyed talking with him. 🙂

Theodus Crane was a teddy bear. Very gentle and kind.

Phil LaMarr was fantastic. Was able to talk to him about comics, cons, and Samurai Jack. I really had a blast talking with him. I’m sure the people waiting in line were not too happy though for me holding up the line but hey, this could be the last time I get to meet him.

Nicholas Brendon has a great personality and made me laugh pretty hard.

Billy West was awesome. I was so happy I got to meet him. So kind!


Working Hard

Hi Everyone!

I am really booking it this weekend to get my Primm cosplay done. My hopes is that it will be done tomorrow. I probably could have finished it today; however, I totally nerded out and went to see “Avengers” AGAIN in IMAX.

(If you didn’t know I was a nerd by now, then you have totally not been paying attention lol)

Also, I will be attending Animazement this coming weekend so I am totally thrilled. One big problem is that I busted my toe so I think I’m going to have to change up my cosplay line because I won’t be able to wear certain shoes.

(It’s very painful!!!! The bruising is almost gone but the actual toe is in agony).

What happened you may ask??? The wall jumped in my way! (That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!)

Have a great day everyone! I’ll post all my cosplay photos tomorrow!!!

300 Blog Posts!


I hit 300 Blog Posts today! This is an amazing achievement for me because I never thought I would keep posting after I created this blog! This blog has inspired me to be more artistic and to express myself in a loving ambitious way!

Thank you for all for the love and support you have all given me throughout the years. I started this blog in 2009 right before I graduated from college. One of my Professors recommended to me that I should start an art blog because I love to write and art is my life! After I started it, I didn’t get too much response with my posts so I started to research on better ways to write and entertain my readers! I know have 56 wonderful subscribers here and over 140 LIKES on my Facebook page which is linked to this Blog! (

You ALL are the reason why I blog everyday! Thanks again and have a great day!

Katsucon 2011 – Scarecrow (Batman)


Hi Everyone!

This was taken at Katsucon Last Year! This is probably the best Scarecrow cosplay I have seen at my MANY conventions. I wanted to share with everyone. I am hoping to see him again at Katsucon this year!

In case you don’t know, The Scarecrow is a Supervillain in the Batman series. The Scarecrow, also known as Dr. Jonathan Crane, appears in the Batman comic books published by DC Comics.

The character first appeared in World’s Finest Comics #3 which was published in Fall 1941. It was created by Bill Finger and Bob Kane.

Dr. Jonathan Crane was a psychologist who used a variety of drugs and psychological tactics to exploit the fears and phobias of his adversaries. My fear is Spiders and small spaces so thank God this bad dude doesn’t exist in real life.

If you are a fan of the epic movie series, you were introduced to the Scarecrow! Irish actor Cillian Murphy portrayed the Scarecrow in Batman Begins and The Dark Knight and will do so again in The Dark Knight Rises.

In 2009, the Scarecrow was ranked as IGN’s 58th Greatest Comic Book Villain of All Time.

Hope you enjoy!