Awesome Con DC – Actors

I went to Awesome Con DC this past weekend and had a blast!


I met some amazing actors there!

Ernie Hudson was a gentleman and I really enjoyed talking with him. 🙂

Theodus Crane was a teddy bear. Very gentle and kind.

Phil LaMarr was fantastic. Was able to talk to him about comics, cons, and Samurai Jack. I really had a blast talking with him. I’m sure the people waiting in line were not too happy though for me holding up the line but hey, this could be the last time I get to meet him.

Nicholas Brendon has a great personality and made me laugh pretty hard.

Billy West was awesome. I was so happy I got to meet him. So kind!


Baltimore Comic Con 2012

Hi Everyone!

I will be attending Baltimore Comic Con this Saturday! I have never been to this convention so after I saw who was coming, I had to get a VIP pass! I will only be going the one day because I have a few major event throughout the whole weekend, including a music video I will be participating in. So, because I am only going for the one day, I will not be cosplaying but dedicating the time to photography and meeting my hero.

I am so excited about this because STAN LEE is going to be there! He is my hero! When I was a little girl, one of my biggest dreams was to meet Stan Lee. I always imagined what I would say to him if I ever met him. Now that I am going to actually meet him, I’m kind of overwhelmed. What do you tell a man who changed your life? It seems so silly to others that comics would impact a person so much. For me, comics are more than just stories.

I’ll ever forget being left at Sunday school after a lecture of how girls don’t read comic books from the minister because I was reading one of my brother’s Batman comics in the lobby. I was so angry that I just walked out of the church across the street to a really awesome Anime store called “Starland.” It was a really cool store that sold Manga, DVDs, trading cards, and USA comics. The gentleman that owned the place was always so nice to me. I had asked him, I feel so bad that I can’t remember his name, if there were any comics that had women in it. He kindly took my hand and brought me over to the USA comic books section and handed me an X-Men comic book.

No one was allowed to touch the comics in the store unless you were going to buy them but he told me I could read whatever I wanted. It was so amazing to me to read stories of mutant girls who had amazing powers and were able to defend themselves, villains that would stop at nothing until they defeated the good guys, and no such thing as gender barriers.

As I grew up, comics became a huge part of my life. I became obsessed with Thor, Captain America, Spider-Man, Avengers, and everything Marvel. Don’t get me wrong, DC Comics are good but I just can’t respect a comic book company that thought Aquaman was a good idea.

I didn’t realize, as I grew older, that every single comic that I adored Stan Lee was a part of. I remember writing him a letter to tell him thank you for publishing these comics but never had the heart to mail it. I thought he would probably just laugh at it or he got so many letters that he probably didn’t want to read one from a 12 year old little girl.

Now, I have my chance to see him and will try and articulate my thanks in person. I may just freeze up but hey, at least I’ll try!

If you’re going to Baltimore Comic Con, let me know!