Thank you everyone! My blog hit 11,000 views today! I’m pretty excited!

You all have a great day!


400 Posts of Pure Love

This is my 400th Post of my Blog!

I don’t want just any random thing posted for this milestone other than a big Thank You.

When I first started this blog in 2009, I never would have imagined that I would be going strong 3 years later. Without all your love and support, I would not have continued with this Blog.

My dreams and hopes is that my Photography touches the hearts of everyone who sees it and that I can can bring a little joy into everyone’s lives. I hope I have succeeded.

You all have a wonderful day and I look forward to more great milestones with you all!

Thank you again!

100th Subscriber Blog Prize


Well, Since I’m poor, I thought I would do something fun for the 100th Subscriber of my blog! If you have a website, Facebook Page, or anything Social Media, I’ll dedicate an entire post to your information to help boost you in the Social Media World!

What do we think of that?

Have a great day!

95 + 5 = 100


I just noticed that I earned some more wonderful followers for my blog since I have been gone on my Cruise! I now have 95 subscribers! 5 more and I will reach my first goal!!!

I wanted to say thank you so much! You make blogging so much fun!

Two Major Milestones

Hi Everyone!

Today has been a great day for Studio Eingana! I now have 60 Wonderful Subscribers AND I hit my 500th LIKE on this Blog! I am overwhelmed with the Love and wanted to say…


You all have a wonderful day and I look forward to blogging with you all throughout the year!

300 Blog Posts!


I hit 300 Blog Posts today! This is an amazing achievement for me because I never thought I would keep posting after I created this blog! This blog has inspired me to be more artistic and to express myself in a loving ambitious way!

Thank you for all for the love and support you have all given me throughout the years. I started this blog in 2009 right before I graduated from college. One of my Professors recommended to me that I should start an art blog because I love to write and art is my life! After I started it, I didn’t get too much response with my posts so I started to research on better ways to write and entertain my readers! I know have 56 wonderful subscribers here and over 140 LIKES on my Facebook page which is linked to this Blog! (http://www.facebook.com/ElizabethGmazPhotography

You ALL are the reason why I blog everyday! Thanks again and have a great day!

Guest Entry – Sherryn Daniel Blog

Hi Everyone!

Sherryn Daniel, a very prominent blogger in the Baltimore, contacted me to request a Guest Entry for her blog because of my love of Sailor Moon and Cosplaying. I am super excited about it and will post the article when it is published!

Just wanted to share!!!


2010 Christmas Photography Contest Winner

Congratulations to Purpleface Photography (http://www.facebook.com/pages/Purpleface-Photography/374915001310) for being our 2010 Christmas Photography Contest winner! Thank you all for participating and please keep looking for future contests! =)

2010 Christmas Photography Contest ~*~UPDATE~*~

The deadline for submission has been changed to Dec 23rd as requested by a few ppl! =) That gives ppl plenty of time to get your picture in! For more up-to-date contest information please see http://www.facebook.com/ElizabethGmazPhotography