Perler Beads – Rainbow Dash Version 2

Hi Everyone!

I made Rainbow Dash before but I decided to use lighter colors this time and invert it.





They are both the same size too. Which one do we like better???

Thanks for looking!


Perler Beads – Moogle


I have been asked over and over again by my sister to make a Moogle Perler Bead piece so I finally did. I think it turned out really cute!

For people who don’t know what Moogles are, they are a recurring race in the Final Fantasy game series. They are really cute creatures that can be really bad ass too.

Hope you like it!

300 Blog Posts!


I hit 300 Blog Posts today! This is an amazing achievement for me because I never thought I would keep posting after I created this blog! This blog has inspired me to be more artistic and to express myself in a loving ambitious way!

Thank you for all for the love and support you have all given me throughout the years. I started this blog in 2009 right before I graduated from college. One of my Professors recommended to me that I should start an art blog because I love to write and art is my life! After I started it, I didn’t get too much response with my posts so I started to research on better ways to write and entertain my readers! I know have 56 wonderful subscribers here and over 140 LIKES on my Facebook page which is linked to this Blog! (

You ALL are the reason why I blog everyday! Thanks again and have a great day!

Perler Beads – White Mage – Final Fantasy

Hi Everyone!

I have been thinking for the last few days what my next Perler Beads piece should be and decided to create a White Mage from the Final Fantasy video game series! I love old school classic games; you really can’t beat the originals.

Hope you like it!!!





Perler Beads – Commissions Coming Soon (Ideas?)

Hi Everyone!

If you have read my blog posts from this week, you can see that I am getting back into Perler Beads.  I do anime, comic, cartoon, and video game characters.  I am going to begin posting photos of ones that I will be selling on my Future Etsy Page.  However, I am asking you what character/series would you like to be created?  

If you are interested in eventually buying from me, let me know what you would like to see!