Bahamas Cruise


Alright! This is the weekend that I go on my very first week long cruise!!! I will be going to Florida, where I will be seeing Universal Studios Harry Potter World for a day, and then to the Bahamas for the rest of the time.

I am really excited. This vacation has been a long time coming.

Just wanted to let everyone know because I will not be available to post anything for some time. I don’t leave officially until Sunday so I will probably post something later today or tomorrow morning.

I brought my laptop so I’m hoping that I will have wifi on the boat. I really don’t know because I’m new at this! I think I’m going to leave my cell on Airplane mode because I don’t want to get roaming charges.

So, talk to you all later and I look forward to taking TONS of new photos to share with you all!!

Have a great day!


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