My House Beat A Car

Ok – First, my Mom, Sis, and I are ok.

We were sitting in the family room on Saturday night when we heard a huge bang. We all stared at each other wondering what the hell that was and then heard a second crash that shook the house.

We ran to the door and saw that a car hit the house. Can you believe that? These kind of things happen on TV, right? My Mom called 911 and told the man to stay in the car in case he was hurt. He was obviously under the influence of something because he asked my Mom “What Happened?” I’m like…”You hit the house man.”

The ambulance then came and walked the man over to check on him. He was not hurt at all!

The firetruck then came and checked to see if we were ok and checked the damage to the house. The firemen said that he was going so fast down the hill that he slammed into our little ditch in front of the house (the first bang we heard) and never hit the brake before he hit the house.

Then two police cars came, one was the Sheriff, which was pretty cool. They then checked the car found something. So after the medics checked the man, the police handcuffed him and took him away. The sheriff said that “He was under the weather” and that he was going to take a ride with them. The sheriff was pretty funny.

Car was them towed away a few hours later and it looks like we have just cosmetic damage to the house. We are alive and I have learned something…

My house is so bad ass…it beat a car.


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