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Sharing the Details

When I was a little girl, I never really had a heroine that I wanted to emulate.  I enjoyed watching the mundane Disney cartoons available on TV but they really didn’t have a purpose other than to keep young children entertained.  Even as a young girl, I was always frustrated by the fact that Disney Princesses needed a man to get them out of a situation.  I was a serious feminist in training.  My Mother taught me well

Then, one day, I turned on the TV to watch Dragon Ball Z on Toonami and was introduced to Sailor Moon!  It has been a wonderful relationship throughout my life.  I was immediately hooked. 

Sailor Moon redefined the magical girl genre, as previous magical girls did not use their powers to fight evil at that magnitude, but this has become one of the standard archetypes of the genre.

  I loved how…

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