One Year Today


One year ago today, a 9.0-magnitude earthquake hit Japan, triggering a major tsunami that swept away houses, cars, even entire towns. More than 18,000 lives were lost.

I will never forget the feeling of despair when I watched the devastation and not knowing if my friend Ayako was still alive. I am happy to report that she and her mother survived the earthquake in Kyoto.

The world came together to save the Japanese people and do whatever they could to help. The video “Arigato from Japan Earthquake Victims” was created to say thank you for everything the world had done to help them.

Arigato From Japan Earthquake Victims

I chose the image above because when I look at it, I see hope and a new beginning. The Japanese people are very close to my heart and I pray that for all the families who lost loved ones to have peace in their hearts and for all those who survived to never forget how lucky and blessed they really are.

Thank you for reading.


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