Katsucon 2012 – LaSalle’s Legacy


Hi Everyone!

Last night you learned about Technoangel Studios! A must see booth in Artist Alley this year! Today, I have the privilege of introducing an amazing comic artist! LaSalle’s Legacy!

You can locate LaSalle’s Legacy at http://lasalleslegacy.com!

You can also find the Artist, Jennifer Smith, on Twitter at @jenniferzyren and on Tumblr Username zyrenskistudios.


Artist Bio
Jennifer Smith

“I’ve been drawing comics since I was twelve and webcomics since early 2000. My current webcomic, LaSalle’s Legacy, is a coming-of-age story taking place in a fantasy world with pirates and necromancy. Aside from doing the webcomic, I also enjoy playing video games and draw fanart and fancomics from my favorites from time to time. If I’m not writing or drawing, I’m hiking, dancing, and failing at my duties as a cat slave.”

You can locate Jennifer At booth R 03, under Zyrenski Studios!


Please check Jennifer’s Booth out! Her work is amazing!

Thank you for reading!


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