Innocent Snape


So, you all know that I love Harry Potter (or maybe not). Severus Snape has to be one of the greatest characters ever created in a book series. My opinion only of course. I don’t speak for everyone, obviously! Well, last night I was looking at some Snape pics and got inspired. I found an image of Snape as a young boy at Hogwarts. I decided to draw this pic out in Inkscape and I edited it in the program GIMP (mind you, it’s not what you’re thinking). Be careful if you google that program name. I mean it, it’s pretty funny if you are not specific.

I do not own the original picture…I do not own anything that has to do with Harry Potter. I am not making money off this…so don’t ask lol People always have to put these kinds of disclaimers on their pics to be sure not to get sued. I just drew this for fun.

I’m working on another Graphic Design project and can’t wait to post it. It’s going to be so cute…it’s just time-consuming.

Well, I hope you like the pic and that you will look forward to more. Ever since the new Harry Potter trailer came out I have been in a huge Harry Potter mood…so you may see more images like this.



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