STA 2010 World Traveller Intern – @Chriscuzzy needs your help

Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening to You All!

I have this friend on Twitter named @Chriscuzzy, and he’s a really nice guy (for the most part lol) and he is trying to get this internship. Now, with the power of Twitter, Facebook, and Blogs, he is really doing rather well….however, he could be doing better. So, I wanted to give him a plug on my blog.

You may have noticed that I have plugged him in my blog various times before because he is so active with charities, etc. So, if you all could be so kind, please vote for Chris!

Here is an exerpt from his blog that you can check out here:

“Most of you will have heard me ‘twittering’ on about the latest thing I am trying to do. If you haven’t, here is what it is;

STA Travel, the worlds leading (I think) travel company for younger people are needing two interns for the Summer of 2010. As I am a massssssivvvvvveeeeeee fan of travelling and doing random things, I thought I’d enter and see if I could do the impossible and win. I am ALWAYS planning my next getaway and I just can’t sit still and do nothing (unless terribly hungover and laying down for 12 hours is fine). It looks to me as if they are needing one guy and one girl. I believe this is such a good opportunity and it comes at a time where I can finally do something like this. I am knocking on a bit (I’m 26 cough cough) so I WILL have to enter the real world sooner or later.

As it stands, I am 2nd overall on the voting system, so thank you to all my twitter followers and my mates who are on Facebook. There is still a long time until the first round is over (it closes on 27 March 2010, I think), so I hope I haven’t peaked too early.

I tick all the boxes in their requirements, if I do say so myself. So now all I need is a bit of support and a decent video up. Then the world is my oyster, I guess.

To see what this is all about and to vote for me please go to the following link

So, I will keep up all up to date, but for now could you all……Vote Now”


Thanks all!!!! Please RT on Twitter as well! =)


2 comments on “STA 2010 World Traveller Intern – @Chriscuzzy needs your help

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