Katsucon 16

Hi Everyone! Long time no see!

Ok, so Washington D.C. got hit by this really nasty blizzard so I haven’t been on the computer that much because of the power going in and out. I did really enjoy the 11 day vacation that I got from the storm…I just wish that I believed the weatherman and went somewhere other than just staying in the house.

So, I went to an Anime Convention this Saturday, Katsucon 16. It was at the National Harbor which is a beautiful place to go to. I really thought this was one of the best Anime Conventions I have been too in a long time. I was a volunteer photographer there so I really got to take some great images.

It’s taking me awhile to Photoshop the images because of work. However, I upload at least 10 pics a day. You can see more images on my Flickr:

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