Graphic Design Vector Images


I’m trying to put some more of my graphic design projects up on my Flickr. I’m really using Flickr as my online portfolio now. My issue is that after I graduated, I lost all the programs that I used to use all the time. Now, I use GIMP and Inkscape. Both of these programs are free but are very useful. I rather enjoy using them actually; however, I miss the Adobe Suite a lot. I’ve been saving up for a MAC now so I should have one this summer! =)

Hope you enjoy the Vector images below. (I drew them in Inkscape. I do not own the original images I used as references).


3 comments on “Graphic Design Vector Images

  1. Debt Settlement – Your English is fine! What else can I do for you?!

    Siu Rodillas – Thank you! Yea, I’m still learning WordPress and the only way I could find a way for people to subscribe was the FeedBurner. You can press the above tab (Subscribe to Blog) – Top Right, and you should be able to just put in the email you want. Hope that helps a little.

    Thank you for the comments!

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