The National Three Peak Challenge Home Stretch

Steven Hey sent out another great letter. It’s amazing how many people have donated in the last few days. Everyone knows that the Fundraising target is £2,000.00. The Donations so far is £1,172.95. You all are wonderful! Please keep donating and lets see if we can reach the target goal!


Hello again people of the world.

Having just witnessed and inexplicable surge in donations, i thought now might be a good time to ask for more. We’re 3 days away from the challenge, and almost everything is in place – Mawsey’s doing a practice run of Scafell Pike today, Chris has the t-shirts, Dexy’s bought some new gear, Stax has planned the car route, and i’m doing what i’ve done from the start – pestering everyone to get organised and annoying people for money.

The weather reports aren’t fantastic but that should make the whole trip more exciting (or hazardous – either way) and we’re all dead pumped. If you’ve already given, thank you very much – we’re way over 3/4 of the way to our target (including offline donations). If you haven’t yet donated, please do – either text/email/call one of us and we’ll add it to the list, or do it through this link –

Look forward to another thrilling installment of ‘me pissing you off until you sponsor us’ tomorrow.



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