October Update for the The National Three Peak Challenge


So, everyone knows that I have been seriously supporting @Chriscuzzy and his friends with a Charity they are helping. (Please refer to all past posts on the event). Well, it’s only a week away and the poor boys are starting to feel the butterflies. I feel their pain, really.

Their website can be found here: http://original.justgiving.com/national3peakschallenge It’s great how many people have actually donated and supported them on Twitter. Their Fundraising target is £2,000.00. So far, the Donations they have received add up to £877.95. The minimum amount you can donate is £2. If all of my followers, on Twitter, donated just £2, they would be well above their goal.

To kind of recap on the whole event…The National Three Peak Challenge involves climbing the three highest mountains in the UK within 24 hours. Pretty cool really. (Again…please refer to past posts. They contain a large amount of information).

The charity they chose is the Sue Ryder Care. They care for people who are seriously ill, helping them to get the best from life. Their approach considers every aspect of an individual’s well being by listening to and supporting their choices. They help put back the dignity, independence and confidence that the disease takes away, enriching people’s lives and those of their families. Their expert care helps people living with Cancer, Stroke, Multiple Sclerosis and Brain Injury. Their work goes beyond the UK. Sue Ryder Care supports the delivery of specialised health and social care across Europe and in Southern Africa.

Sooooooooooooooooooooo…..could you all please go to the site: http://original.justgiving.com/national3peakschallenge and donate some money? If you can’t donate anything, please RT about this on Twitter or mention it on Facebook.

Thank you all!!!

FYI … Here is another letter from Steven Hey…

Come on people – we need cash. 1 week until we set off on our epic journey, so the butterflies are waking up. We’re praying to the weather gods that they be kind to us, meticulously planning our long car journeys, dotting the t’s and crossing the i’s and arguing a lot about start and finish times. We’d appreciate anything you can spare if you haven’t already got your generosity monster out – it’s a £2 minumum online but is really easy and your donation will be added to by t’government.If you can’t manage using a computer (or are a massive liar) you can pledge a pound or more by sending me a message and i, or my trusty glamourous assistants (Chris or Mawsey in bikinis – they promised) will collect once we’re back.If you fancy being a good-hearted person helping the world, go to this link and give us your f***ing money (or something less Geldof-like) – http://original.justgiving.com/national3peakschallenge



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