Happy October!


Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy October! October is a great time to take photographs. Why? Well, the leaves are starting to change for one thing. Another is, Halloween is almost here (a month away, I know) but it’s so much fun to take pictures of people in their costumes.

So, I hope that everyone sends in some great October images for the Picture of the Week! I am also starting a Graphic Design of the Week and a Studio Art of the Week Contest. If you would like to be considered, just email me at StudioEingana@yahoo.com Please remember to submit the name of your piece and any information you would like to share with the people. I pick which piece I like and post it up on the blog! =) Very simple.

Just for fun, here is a great website with some October Photographs: http://www.octoberphotography.com/ really worth looking at!

So, have a great month and can’t wait to see what everyone does!


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