Tropical Storm Ketsana

September 29, 2009 —
As most of you have heard, the Philippines have been hit with a terrible storm, Tropical Storm Ketsana. Ketsana is named after a tree in Laos, which dropped more than a month’s rain on northern Manila. The death toll, so far, has climbed to 246. According to the National Disaster Coordinating Council, there are at least 38 people missing.

This tragedy has really hit home for me. I have been sponsoring a little boy named James J. Hernandez, his mother, and two siblings for awhile now and they live in the Philippines. I have not heard any news on whether or not they are safe. I did receive a letter from Children International, the organization that helps thousands of children find a sponsor. Here is an expert from the letter:

This past weekend, flooding spawned by Typhoon Ketsana has affected hundreds of thousands of people in the Philippines. Thousands of families in our sponsorship communities in Manila and Quezon City have been affected. Many watched as their homes and belongings were swept up in the raging waters.

One of Children International’s community centers in Quezon City was also badly flooded. We have no reports of death or serious injury to any sponsored children. The extent of the damage suffered by families, as well as our infrastructure, is still being assessed by our staff on the ground, as receding floodwaters make it possible to access the hardest-hit areas. Relief efforts will begin as soon as the situation allows for the distribution of supplies, such as food, clothing, bedding and other essential household items.

Our sponsorship program in the Philippines includes more than 22,000 children in Manila and 19,000 in Quezon City. In addition, we have 35,000 children living in the areas near Tabaco and Legazpi, which are a significant distance from the Manila area. Thankfully, the population there seems to have been spared from any serious damage.

Please find it in your heart to donate to one of the following Links:

National Disaster Coordinating Council:
Red Cross:
Children International:

Don’t hesitate to help today. I know times are hard but a single dollar can make all the difference.

Thank you.


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