FatCow Domain


After some deliberation, I have finally picked a company to buy a domain name from. FatCow is the winner! Why FatCow? Let me tell you! FatCow is not Go Daddy. I despise Go Daddy. Even though they have good prices, their disrespect for women and lack of morals makes me hot under the collar. I’ve read multiple rating reviews as well and find that more than 99% of the people out there love the Cow.

Here are some stats of the company:
Fatcow.com offering Green Hosting, since year 1998
Unlimited storage space, Unlimited data transfer bandwidth.
– 24/7 fatcow support, phone support, live chat support, email support.
– Free domain for life & free setup. 30 days money back guarantee.
– Unlimited Emails, unlimited FTP, unlimited MySQL database.
– Recommended for ecommerce, blog, forum, cms, gallery, joomla, etc.
– $75 dollars free marketing credits. Search engine submission.

Another huge plus for me is the Green Hosting. Everyone seems to be jumping on the Green bandwagon but I personally haven’t ever heard of Green Hosting. I had to do some research on it. FatCow’s offices are entirely energized, 100%, by wind power. This initiative was pushed by the company’s employees. I love the Cow!

There are a lot of sites with information of the Cow. Here are some links:

So, you all know the drill! Leave a comment, let me know what you think, and follow me on Twitter: @LizGmaz


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