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Dear Indie Filmmakers…

Dear Indie Filmmakers,

I understand there is a lot of competition in the area. You are trying to go above and beyond the ordinary so you get noticed as a director, actor, etc. However, you don’t have to fill your movies with sex and nudity to make your films awesome. It’s getting embarrassing. Please stop. Have some respect for the art of film. Sex and nudity is fine when used appropriately. It’s worthless just to throw it in a movie because you have space to kill. It has to make sense to the plot.

Marvel has done pretty darn good at making movies and has Zero Nudity and Zero Sex scenes. Start trying to use your imagination and actually attempt to create magic without exploiting young actors into believing that they have to be naked to go anywhere in Hollywood. Use your abilities to actually make people want to come and work in the film industry.

Thank you.

Concerned Actress

Happy 4th Anniversary to Studio Eingana!

Today is a great day!

I registered on 4 years ago today!

I wanted to send a Huge THANK YOU to every single one of you.  It’s because of you that I started this blog and can’t wait to continue.  This blog started out as a Photography blog but evolved to so much more.  I now post my cosplay projects, acting endeavors, political events, charities, and just random fun.

Thank you for making this one of the greatest projects I have done! <3



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