About Me


I’m Liz Gmaz!

Photography and Cosplay are an enormous passions in my life and a great outlet during stressful times in life.

For Photography, it is exciting for me to capture a precious moment in time and carry this moment with me for the rest of my life. I use photography to bring joy into the lives of people. I can’t help but smile when I observe the animated expressions on their faces as they contemplate the significance of each picture. It is very fulfilling to know that the pictures I take can have a positive influence on the way others view the world around them. Every moment in life is a gift from God. One of my great joys in life is to capture one of these moments with the click of the camera, and then share this gift with others.

For Cosplay, I have always been a really huge nerd/geek! Cosplaying lets me be artistic as well as express myself as a proud eccentric dork. I cosplay all types of characters from Video Games, American Comics, and Anime. I really don’t stay with one central theme. However, all the character that I create express a part of my own personality where people are always saying that it’s like I was born to play the character!

You can email me at StudioEingana@yahoo.com! Thanks!

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