Commander Shepard – Front Drawing Second Attempt

I am a lot more behind today than I would have wanted to be but we had tornado warnings and severe thunderstorms all afternoon so I was more concerned with the weather than working on my cosplay.

Ok, so I decided to try something else with the drawings and breastplate. I want to do separate pieces but I think that I can do larger pieces together.

Also, the breastplate also is starting to piss me off slightly so I decided to try a whole other method. I think this might work. We shall see!!!

These are the molds that I bought for the breastplate. EVA Foam is too thick to get the form that I want even with trying to put the foam in the oven and using the heat gun.


I decided that I will be using these molds for the outside of the breastplate so I had to cut the extra space around it to make it work. I used fence cutters to cut the plastic.


Now, I redrew the front part of the armor to be one part; instead of, a few pieces.




Again, I used the front door to help me trace the other side to make it symmetrical.


This always turns out really good for me. Make sure to use a sharpie when tracing.


Cut out the whole piece.


I then cut out the breast part because I will be sticking the molds through.


And voila!


I will be working on cutting out the foam later tonight or tomorrow.

Any questions? Let me know!

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