How to Make Designs on Armor Out of Eva Foam


I wanted to give some more tips on how to make armor out of Eva Foam. Remember this is a learning experience for me as well so I do not pretend to know all the ins and outs. I will be learning as I go and I’m sure with my updates that you will see how many times I will be messing up!

So, with all the research I have been doing, these are some of the better explanations and helpful tips.

I recommend designing your armor on poster board or large drawing paper. When you are done, cut out the pattern. If you have one large piece of armor, you should cut them into separate pieces so it is easier to handle. Just remember to label each piece of the armor pattern so you know where they go later.

The Design is your template and needs to be transferred to the Eva Foam. I have seen that many people transfer the design onto the foam using a ballpoint pen. I will be looking into more YouTube tutorials because this seems to be really the hardest part of making the armor. Most of everything else is self-explanatory but I don’t think it’s going to easy to transfer the design onto the foam and stay symmetrical. Any ideas or hints are always welcome!

I’ll post more hints at a later date. I hope this helps so far!

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